Reviews from happy customers around the world, whether they are ordering a CraicPack for themselves or sending one abroad as a gift.

My mam, my sister and I have always been close and would talk every day. But ever since my sister got married and moved to England, we haven’t been able to keep in touch as often. Even though we can call and text, I send her a CraicPack every month to make sure she knows we’re always thinking about her!

Carolan L. & Mary L.
Blessington, Co. Wicklow & Listowel, Co. Kerry
Carolan and Mary Box Review Photo

We’re both American, but we studied our Masters in UCD and that’s where we met, so Ireland always holds a special place in our hearts. Our monthly CraicPack reminds us of the start of our relationship and more importantly: it took us a while to admit this… but American chocolate is terrible!

Bryan D. & Sarah S.
From Blackrock, Dublin to Arizona, USA
Bryan Sarah Box Review Photo

After college I worked a couple years in Dublin, but realised that if I was going to try moving abroad, I had to do it now, so I moved to New York. It was tough at first and I found myself missing home more than I thought I would. This might sound silly, but when I got my first CraicPack, it was like I had a piece of home there with me.

David E.
From The Big Smoke to The Big Apple
David Box Review Photo

Originally from Germany, I worked in Ireland for a few years, but I eventually got homesick and moved back to be with family. Now that I’m back in Germany, I sometimes feel a different kind of homesick, this time¬†thinking about how I miss Ireland. My first box of Irish goodies from CraicPack brought back so many memories of the good times I had while living there.

Patrick G. (or Paddy to his Irish friends)
Kehl, Germany

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