Sending a Package from Ireland to Australia

Have you every thought about sending a package from Ireland to Australia but didn’t know the costs or where to start? Maybe you were considering putting together a care package for your child living in Melbourne or sending a gift to a relative in Sydney? International shipping can be tricky, customs can be confusing and delivery can be unnecessarily expensive.  Today, the team at CraicPack will break down the ins and outs of sending a package to Australia.

When sending a package, there are a few different shipping providers you can choose from. With An Post, sending a 3 KG parcel to Australia will cost €45 for the standard service and €52 for the option with parcel insurance. This gets forwarded to Australia’s government postal service, Australia Post, who then take care of the delivery to the recipient. Although the cheapest method of shipping, it often takes longer than the 6-9 estimated working days for a package to arrive. This is because the parcel needs to change hands between one government postal organisation to the other, resulting in a longer process. It is also not uncommon for packages to be lost during transit, creating a frustrating experience and a disappointed recipient.

If you were to use a courier service, you would be looking at rates from €100 upwards from Ireland to Australia, with extra fees to get the parcel collected from your home. Some courier companies do not have hubs as conveniently located as post offices, so parcel collection might be your only option if you would like to avoid a long distance to travel. The higher price signifies a better service, which is true for the most part with a faster and more secure delivery.

At CraicPack, we send packages across the world every day. That’s why we’re able to give our customers such a good price on our hampers and care packages that we send to Australia – we use our buying power to pass the savings onto the customer. We also do all our shipping with premium couriers, so you can rest assured that your package will be delivered safely and securely, whatever the destination. With all packages over €75 receiving free shipping worldwide, we have helped thousands of people save time and money on sending care packages and gifts from Ireland to Australia, as well as destinations all across the world.

If you would like to browse our line of Irish care packages, please visit our Send Abroad page.

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