CraicPack Counties Puzzle – Answers

Back on the 1st of April, we released an emoji puzzle that seemed to make its rounds across the Internet. The further you go, the more challenging it gets. We often get asked for the answers, but let me tell you, we feel really bad for number 10. We didn’t expect that months later, people are still sending the puzzle to their friends, who seem to get stumped by the last one. Well, here are the answers below (finally!):

CraicPack Counties Puzzle Answers

  1. Antrim (ant – trim, pretty self-explanatory)
  2. Cork (poppin’ corks from bottles. And also the county with the highest champagne consumption per capita)
  3. Armagh (arm – ma)
  4. Waterford
  5. Derry (get it, dairy products)
  6. Kerry (say carry in an American accent)
  7. Mayo (the sandwich minus the bread, salad, meat and cheese)
  8. Sligo (sly like a fox + green means go)
  9. Limerick (the rhyming scheme in a Limerick poem is AABBA)
  10. We can’t stress enough how bad we feel because we released this on the 1st of April, this was an April Fool’s joke 🙈. We didn’t know that months later, people would still fall victim to the joke. Ahhhhhhh sorry!

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