CraicPack Counties Puzzle – Answers

Back on the 1st of April, we released an emoji puzzle that seemed to make its rounds across the Internet. The further you go, the more challenging it gets. We often get asked for the answers, but let me tell you, we feel really bad for number 10. We didn’t expect that months later, people […]

Sending a Package from Ireland to Australia

Have you every thought about sending a package from Ireland to Australia but didn’t know the costs or where to start? Maybe you were considering putting together a care package for your child living in Melbourne or sending a gift to a relative in Sydney? International shipping can be tricky, customs can be confusing and […]

CraicPack Releases the Irish Christmas Box and the Advent Box

The countdown to Christmas is on! CraicPack have released their Christmas line of care packages, which contain some festive Irish favourites to send to friends and family living away from home. The new Advent Box and Irish Christmas Box from CraicPack includes all the festive items for loved ones who can’t make it home for […]