Our business is making people happy.

What We Do

CraicPack is a company based in Dublin and provides Irish care packages for your friends and loved ones abroad. Sent all around the world, every CraicPack hamper contains the goodies Irish people love and miss most when away from home. Things like Tayto and King crisps, Cadbury and Butlers chocolates, Lyons and Barry’s tea, and nostalgic biscuits and sweets – CraicPack has you covered. With free worldwide courier shipping available, CraicPack helps save time and money on your care package from Ireland. Whether sending a gift or if you are just missing our food while living abroad, CraicPack’s premium hamper delivery service has made thousands of Irish people happy all around the world.

Who We Are

Everyone on the CraicPack team has lived abroad at some stage in their lives. We know what Irish people would love to see in a care package and we know how much joy each one of our boxes can bring. Our global experience and research has helped us find out which items are hard to get in which countries, and we curate our boxes accordingly. Our mission is to make sure that no Irish person in the world is ever homesick again.

What's the craic?

At the simplest, craic is the Irish word for fun. But it’s more than that. Craic is a versatile word that not only means fun, but also summarises Irish culture as a whole. It refers to good times (“last night was good craic”), good banter (“having the craic”), people who are enjoyable to be around (“he or she is good craic”), and eventful happenings (“any craic?”). This is why we chose CraicPack for the name of our gift box – it defines who we are and what we live for.

So what are you waiting for? Send a box of Irish goodies to a Paddy abroad with CraicPack!